1) The Rainy filter has open drain outlet in order to avoid stagnation of water and dirt particles inside the Filters

2) No consumables required

3) Filter inlet and outlet connections can be rotated 360 degrees to suit to the pipe line direction.

4) Bypass valve is provided in the filter to divert the sudden summer rains into the drain

5) The filter efficiency remains unchanged even with the variation of intensity of rainfall

6) Fully enclosed and compact in size, so minimum space is sufficient to install

7) The versatility of these filters is such that they can even be fitted inside the ducts.

8) Tough high density UV treated High density polyethylene Housing is built to last long

9) Filter element is made out of SS-304 Steel and it is food graded

10) The Filter being wall mounting can be fitted with wall bracket and flexible rubber straps with hooks

11) Inlet, outlet and drain outlets can be connected easily through the rubber bushes and bellows to the existing pipes.

12) Various models are available to suit various dimension of Roof areas as per the requirements of consumers

13) Since the filters do not have any moving parts, there is no wear & tear of the filter hence it enables long life span

14) Due to simplicity in connection, local plumbers, technicians, can easily install the filter

15) The technology of filter components is of food grade, environment friendly, and recyclable

16) If the filter element is clogged it can be easily removed , washed and Re-inserted