1) By storing of water in the sump & reutilizing, around 35% of the annual requirement of a household can be met. Thereby a considerable amount on the water and power bill can be saved.

2) Dependency on water tankers, ground water and corporation water can also be much reduced

3) Recharge of Groundwater, replenishes the deeper layers of the earth’s crust which in turn insulates the earth from rise in temperature, reducing global warming

4) Reduces loss of top soil, surface runoff , thereby avoids silting of ponds and lakes

5) Reduces hardness , salinity and TDS contents in the bore well

6) Seawater ingression can be checked in costal line

7) All materials used in this Technology are eco-friendly and recyclable

8) Reduces significant carbon foot prints

o Technology works on the Gravitational Principle

o Reducing the Pumping of water from distant places , deeper depths & Movement of Water Tankers

9) Checks overexploitation of groundwater source.

10) Prevents water logging in low lying areas.